Vickipages | Illustrator


Victor Roman was born and raised in NYC's Lower east side circa 1987. Rooting from an illustration and graffiti background, his work captures different characters in a cartoon like approach. reflecting the every day life. He brings together issues we can all relate to through his work. With Street culture being one of his biggest influences, 'Vickipages' takes the full time roll as an painter. His choice of acrylic paint and mix media gives him the opportunity to take his creations beyond boundaries. having studied Illustration at Parsons University he continues his career collaborating with different companies across the world. Vickipages has been exhibited in galleries throughout the NYC to the sunny Orlando, Florida all the way to the windy city of Chicago. Ambitious and driven for his future artwork. he has moved towards completing his new lineup of paintings for his solo art show in 2011. When showcasing his work, the main focus is to have the audience grow a feeling of welcoming comfort and inspiration. For he is influenced by us and wishes to give the same back.

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